This was an experimental innovative short film project with choreographer Helen Parlor and JYDC dance troop at the Junction, Cambridge. This film explored the relationship between dance and film and incorporated different techniques to explore the expression of emotion through the body and through film. The young people devised a series of short dance pieces with filming in mind. Each dance piece was then shot using green screen technology and a range of different moving images backdrops were experimented with. They reflected the motivating ideas behind the dance pieces. Issues such as familial relationships and individual struggle for a sense of place and identity were discussed and the final film edited to create a film that explored the relationship between dance and film. This work was shown publicly during the Mill Road Winter Fair projected onto clothes in the windows of a charity shops and at a screening event at the Junction that included live dance and DJ/VJ sets.


This project was delivered by Rob Birch and Beverley Carpenter and was funded by Cambridge City Council and Cambridge Development Foundation.